Schneider's Has the Best Private Label Sauces Around!

Here in the Midwest, we barbecue many different ways, and we like to change our sauces, depending on what flavor we yearn for. For that reason you will enjoy our variety of Barbeque Sauces.

Our BBQ sauces have the perfect blend of vinegar and spices that BBQ from these parts is famous for. No matter what you're cooking, whether it's poultry, pork, beef or seafood, Schneider's is sure to make it special. Our "Gourmet BBQ" and "Smokey Gourmet BBQ" sauces contain Mother Nature's sweet blend of sugar, tomato products and other spices. They have a unique flavor that folks have enjoyed for decades.

Our excellent #1 selling Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce is a tangy mix of tomatoes, vinegar, sugar and spices that gives a taste the Midwest is known for. We also have a flavorful Steak Sauce that enhances the taste buds, as well as seasoned, zesty Marinade Sauce.

Schneider's Quality Meats has formulated a special blend of tomato products, vinegar, sugar, molasses, brown sugar, garlic, onions, smoke flavor, and a whole lot more to create a BBQ sauce that works great on the grill, in the oven, or right out of the bottle!


A slow process that requires attention to detail as well as patience, effective barbecuing requires a savvy barbecuer know his stuff. Here's a lesson in barbecue terminology for the novice:

Baby Back Ribs (or Loin Back Ribs) - A cut of ribs from the pork loin, usually weighing around 2 pounds per slab.

Barbecue - To slow cook meats over the heat of hardwood and/or charcoal at a temperature of 200 to 375 degrees.

Barbecue Sauce - A liquid mixture, usually tomato-based, sweet and sour, with spices. Apply to meats during the final minutes of cooking. Can be served on the side as a dipping sauce or condiment.

Burnt Ends - The blackened, somewhat charred pieces of brisket ends that cannot be sliced. A prized menu item from some area restaurants. Also referred to as "brownies."

Glaze - A finishing sauce applied to meats during the final minutes of barbecuing.

Long End Spare Ribs - The first six ribs from the breast bone on back.

Marinade - A liquid mixture (usually an acid, oil, and spices) used to soak meats prior to cooking.

Mop - A cotton mop used to baste meats while cooking.

Pit - The cooking unit used to barbecue. May be a closed container, cement or brick structure, or even a hole dug in the ground.

Rib Tips - The breast bone at the top of a slab of spare ribs.

Rub - A dry marinade; a mixture of dry spices added to meats to impart flavor.

Short End Spare Ribs - The last seven or eight ribs in a slab of spare ribs.

Wood Chips - Small chips of wood, usually fruit wood or hard wood used to impart smoke flavor to barbecued meats. Soak in water before using.

*Source: Kansas City Barbeque Society, copyright 1997

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Schneider's Has the Best Sauces Around!
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